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Update on our Fowey Hall Bees

Alice, Beekeeper from Tregothnan and her lovely Dad CJ Coleman came along to check that our gorgeous Fowey Hall Bees were happy and content in their new home! They added an extra super to each hive so that the bees have room to expand reducing congestion in the hive and reducing the chance of them swarming and making room for honey production. In the close up picture of the bees they are fanning pheromones about to let the young bees know that it is safe to return to the hive. Alice and CJ are very happy with the bees, they are behaving exactly as they should be. However, there won’t be any honey from our new guests until they are fully established next year. We will keep you posted!

Full afternoon tea at Fowey Hall Hotel – a luxury family hotel in Cornwall

Afternoon Tea at Fowey Hall

Once upon a time… it’s believed that afternoon tea was introduced by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in 1840.

Light chocolate and banana brownie with ice cream

Fowey Hall Chocolate and Banana Brownie lighter option

Posted by Fowey Hall Hotel

Try our delightful new lighter option Chocolate and Banana Brownie. This delectable dessert was specially developed for Fowey Primary. James our Head Chef worked with Wendy and her team at Fowey Primary school to create this delicious treat.

Chocolate milkshakes with marshmallows

Fowey Hall takes you on a chocolate make our delicious home-made chocolate sauce.

Lets take you on a chocolate make our delicious home-made chocolate sauce.

Barbecue chicken cooking in foil

Home-made smoked Cready Farm Chicken Caesar Salad

Try our Chef's wonderful home-made smoked chicken Caesar salad.....

Fowey Hall chef James

Pesto and Parmesan Home-made bread

James and his team have a whole host of gorgeously yummy home-made breads that you can make at home. Why not try our delicious Pesto and Parmesan to start with?