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Exclusive Use weddings at Fowey Hall....

Fowey Hall can be your exclusive country house where your wedding is exactly how you dreamt it would be!

Update on our Fowey Hall Bees

Alice, Beekeeper from Tregothnan and her lovely Dad CJ Coleman came along to check that our gorgeous Fowey Hall Bees were happy and content in their new home! They added an extra super to each hive so that the bees have room to expand reducing congestion in the hive and reducing the chance of them swarming and making room for honey production. In the close up picture of the bees they are fanning pheromones about to let the young bees know that it is safe to return to the hive. Alice and CJ are very happy with the bees, they are behaving exactly as they should be. However, there won’t be any honey from our new guests until they are fully established next year. We will keep you posted!

Piskie Trail with The Tale of Kowrek Mud

It all started back in February 2016, a Cornish Piskie moved into the garden at Fowey Hall. He set up home under the tree which blew over in the storm a couple of years ago. Ruth the Gardener was convinced that he would tell all his little Piskie chums how great it was to be living at Fowey Hall and even more would be arriving! Low and behold….. over Easter, Ruth was away on holiday and on her return she found that two more Piskies have moved into the garden. The word was obviously out in the Piskie Colony and more would be bound to follow!


This information has been compiled from documents inherited with the Hall, also research in the Fowey library and information supplied by the corporation of London and from ‘Who Was Who’. Particular thanks are also due to local residents who have been endlessly patient and helpful with our painstaking enquiries! If anybody can help us with further information, we should be delighted to hear from you.

Art activity at Fowey Hall

Summer Activities – things to do with the children over the summer

Over the next coming weeks I am hoping to share with your our wonderful summer activities the Den Team have planned. They have some amazing activities to keep the children entertained, which may inspire you to try then at home and send us your pics! Why not try making Cosmic Sun easy to make!

Bee hotel at Fowey Hall Hotel

Fowey Hall “Exotic” Bee hotel, Red Mason Bees at Fowey Hall

Following on from our Fowey Hall “Exotic” Bee hotel blog a little while ago…we have been kindly donated Red Mason Bees from The Lost Gardens of Heligan.