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Fowey Hall “Exotic” Bee hotel, Red Mason Bees at Fowey Hall

Following on from our Fowey Hall “Exotic” Bee hotel blog a little while ago…we have been kindly donated Red Mason Bees from The Lost Gardens of Heligan. 

Bee hotel at Fowey Hall Hotel

Ruth our Gardener has given our new residents a gorgeous new home with a view of the Fowey estuary.   
Red Mason Bees are small bees covered in ginger hair and the males have a white tuft of hair on their faces. These little bees don’t produce any honey and are peaceful little insects. However if they are threatened they will try and sting.  We are hoping they will hatch soon and start visiting all the delightful flowers in the garden –so they can start pollinating!

Bee hotel in the garden at Fowey Hall Hotel in Cornwall
Bee hotel tubes
Primroses in Cornwall during spring
Spring primroses at Fowey Hall in Cornwall
Red camellia in flower in Cornwall