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Local Villages and Towns

Find out more about the towns and villages surrounding Fowey Hall, from Fowey itself to nearby Poluran and Looe. You’ll find there’s plenty to see and do, with winding streets to explore and excellent routes for walking.


The sunset on Fowey Harbour.

Pronounced Foy to rhyme with Joy! Designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Fowey has much to offer with something for everyone. The town boasts an excellent selection of quality shops and galleries, many exhibiting local works. If you are looking for refreshment be it a pint, a cream tea, fish and chips, a family meal or a gourmet dinner for a special occasion, then there is something to suit all tastes. Situated on the opposite bank, also at the mouth of the river, is the village of Polruan. A regular passenger ferry connects the two and further up river a car and passenger ferry runs from Fowey to Bodinnick on the other side of the river.


Fowey from the sea.

Polruan is an ancient fishing village with a strong boat-building heritage. Clinging to the hillside, and surrounded on three sides by water, the village is a maze of narrow streets, alleys and flights of steps winding between the cottages. It is much loved as a community, a haven for yachts and also a tranquil holiday destination. With just a couple of pubs, a cafe and local shop, Polruan has retained its unspoilt charm.


The historic twin towns of East and West Looe provide all you could ask of a day out in Cornwall: safe beaches, a wide choice of restaurants, excellent walking routes, fishing trips, diving, etc. Whether you come for the culture and history or just to enjoy the beach and the sea, Looe has plenty of choice.

Rooftops with Fowey Harbour beyond.