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Piskie Trail with The Tale of Kowrek Mud

It all started back in February 2016, when a Cornish Piskie moved into the garden at Fowey Hall. He set up home under the tree, which blew over in the storm a couple of years ago.

Ruth the Gardener was convinced that he would tell all his little Piskie chums how great it was to be living at Fowey Hall and even more would be arriving! Lo and behold…over Easter, Ruth was away on holiday and on her return she found that two more Piskies have moved into the garden. The word was obviously out in the Piskie Colony and more would be bound to follow!

At Fowey Hall luxury family hotel in Cornwall, a Piskies' cottage has popped up in the garden
Piskies living in a tree trunk in the gardens of Fowey Hall Hotel in Cornwall

Piskie Trail

I’m hoping if you’re reading this you’re someone with discretion,  There’s something I must ask of you but first I have a question.

Have you heard of Piskie folk? Or maybe spied our houses?  We live amongst the trees and shrubs but we’re smaller than a mouse is!

We make our clothes from moss and leaves and fly on titchy wings, with ginger hair and emerald eyes we're the cutest little things.

We’re very happy creatures we love to dance and sing, in charge of all the Piskie folk is me, the grand old Piskie king.

It’s me who needs your help right now I’ve lost my Piskie joy, for a giant known as Kowrek Mud is in his way to Fowey!

Kowreks favourite thing to eat is us here Piskie folk, he scoffs us down ten at a time that really is no joke!

Kowrek lives beneath the ground his lairs not far away, he comes out when he needs to feed and we fear that is today!

Our only hope’s a special word that’s magic through and through, twill halt old Kowrek just like that  but we need some help from you!

For when us Piskies call this word because we’re frightfully small, it blows away upon the breeze and no one hears at all.

I’m hoping that you’ve got a voice and can shout the word out loud, fill up your lungs and bawl it out be strong, be brave, be proud!

This magic word when in his head will change old Kowreks brain, he’ll all at once crave grass and leaves and never piskie bones again.

I’ve etched this word upon our homes a letter on each door, please find our homes, spell out the word turn Kowrek herbivore!

A Piskie cottage in the garden at Fowey Hall luxury family hotel in Cornwall
A little piskie cottage at Fowey Hall Hotel in Cornwall
A piskie house in the gardens at Fowey Hall Hotel in Cornwall
In the gardens at Fowey Hall Hotel in Cornwall, a grassy knoll has been given eyes to look like a head