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Succeeding on the school run!

September sees the schools go back and the return of the school run routine. We feel your pain! We all have busy lives and so we have some top tips on how to make it as painless as possible for all the family to get back into the swing of things.

* Get a family calendar with a column for each member of the family so you can all keep track of who is where and when

* Get sticking! Toss out the needle and thread and get some labels for shoes, bags, lunch boxes and anything else that the children will be packed off to school with

* Stationary, stationary, stationary. Make a mobile homework station full of supplies for those last-minute projects

* Create a plastic fantastic lunchbox cupboard – everything you need to get their lunch ready in one place will make life easier on those hectic mornings

* Set up a reward chart for your child(ren) – every time you leave the house on time put a marble in the jar and when its full – get them a treat

* Get a small blackboard or daily routine sheet to help establish morning and bedtime routines

* Sleep, sleep and more sleep! We cannot stress this enough – set a bedtime and stick to it – tired children = grumpy parents

* Set out uniforms for the week on Sunday night – get washed, ironed and ready to go all before the school week restarts

* Look at walking buses in your area rather than jumping in the car for the school run – it may even end up saving you time and it makes sure everyone gets some fresh air and exercise

* Make weeknight dinners easy – think one pot wonders and leave your culinary masterpieces until the weekend

And once you have done all of that and freed up some time for yourself each evening – you can look at booking your next family holiday and take the time to find the right place that is family friendly and give the whole family something to look forward to over a well-deserved glass of wine - check out all our family hotels in the group here....

We have great hotels in great locations and friendly staff that will help you make special family memories and give the kids something to talk about when they go back to school next time!