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Summer Activities – things to do with the children over the summer

Over the next coming weeks I am hoping to share with your our wonderful summer activities the Den Team have planned. They have some amazing activities to keep the children entertained, which may inspire you to try then at home and send us your pics! Why not try making Cosmic Sun easy to make!

Art activity at Fowey Hall

You will need:

  • PVA Glue
  • Various colours of food colouring
  • Round plastic tubs
  • Tooth pick
  • Colour ribbon of your choice

Pour PVA glue into the plastic tub to cover the bottom. Add 3 to 4 drops of food colouring of your choice. Design with a toothpick – here is where you can be as creative as you wish! Allow your masterpieces to dry on a windowsill or shelf – out of the way. This usually takes about a day and a half. When they are dry, hole punch a hole through the centre of the top. Thread a piece of ribbon through and tie. Hang above the inside of a window and see the colours shine through.

Paints for art session at Fowey Hall
Mixing paints at Fowey Hall
Mixing blue and green paint