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Try our easy recipe to making – delicious Peach Melba

Try making our delicious peach melba at home, courtesy of Daniel, our Pastry Chef. If you're feeling fancy, add an almond twirl and some fresh raspberries.

Peach and raspberry dessert

You will need:
Yoghurt and Vanilla Parfait
2 free range egg yolks 
67g sugar
20g water

Boil to 140 degrees C. Add sugar and water to yolks. Whisk until room temperature. Whisk egg whites in a separate bowl and into a meringue, until stiff peaks. Whip 175ml fresh full cream – whisk. Fold in 150ml cream and yoghurt mixture to yolks. Gently fold in the meringue to the yolks, yoghurt and cream mixture. Then freeze.

Make the Poached pears – you can blow-torch the pears instead of peeling them – slice in half and de-stone. Add pears to boiling stock syrup (250g sugar and 175ml water). Take off the heat but leave the pears to poach.

Almond Twirl:
100g Golden Syrup
100g butter
100g caster sugar
100g flour
½ teaspoon mixed spice
Boil all ingredients together. Roll into a ball and place on a greaseproof baking paper and bake for 180 degrees for 6 minutes. Balls will melt into oval shapes. While still warm sprinkle almonds flakes. You can shape while still warm if you desire.

Fresh garden picked raspberries if you can – place them into boiling stock syrup in a heat proof bowl. Allow to cool.

Serve with Callestick Farm Raspberry sorbet.

Peach and raspberry dessert at Fowey Hall
Pudding with peach and raspberry
Summer fruits dessert at Fowey Hall